What Our Clients Say

“I regularly go to EKP with tough e-discovery challenges I face in both complex class actions and more ordinary business litigation. I am always impressed at the depth of their team's knowledge and ability to help see the forest for the trees with issues my client's face. I highly recommend their services”

Brian D. Clark, Attorney, Lockridge Grindal Naen, P.L.LP

“The staff from Enterprise Knowledge Partners have been a pleasure to work with since day one. They were very knowledgeable and thorough from start to finish with our Identity Management Assessment project. Enterprise Knowledge Partners went above and beyond to ensure accuracy, understanding, and prompt delivery of the final results to the HealthEast staff. The service HealthEast receives from eKp is always the highest quality.”

HealthEast Care Systems

“The eKp consultant was an expert in application architecture and security…[the firm] has high integrity, a generous commitment to fostering talent and opportunities…..their unique strength is the ability to view business challenges through the CFO’s lens and also operate at the detailed technical level…”

Carlson Companies

“Our interim CIO / Director of IT from EKP set the standard in professionalism and unbiased management for our entire company. Far and above the best decision I ever made was to bring them on board.”

CFO, Minneapolis Medical Device Company

“EKP created and managed a litigation and audit readiness test for us. To describe the results as enlightening would be a gross understatement….They were thorough, professional, and well worth every dollar spent.”

Chief Counsel, Dallas-Fort Worth Retail Company

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